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Live In Color!

Hey chicks … it’s time to lighten up!  I love the Spring/Summer season because it’s time to be bold with hair color and style! Chicks try hues that complement your skin tone and hairstyles that complement your features. Here are a few chicks with hot summer hair color. Enjoy:)

Blonde Bombshell

via Angeles Hairdressing

via Hype Coiffure

Tip: When going blonde keep in mind that you’re removing  pigment from the hair. Your hair may become very dry and brittle over time. Use reconstructive conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments or a hair mask to help protect your hair from breakage. 

Double Trouble

via Francesco Group

Tip: Try adding  two or more colors for a very special custom color.

Cinnamon & Spice


Textured hair is really trendy right now!  Sporting a light brown or blonde hair color,  is an awesome way to take your textured hairstyle to the next level!

Tip: When caring for color treated natural hair, use sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate free shampoo is gentle and it won’t strip away your new hair color or dry it out. Use products that help to maintain moisture and shine. Don’t forget to do regular hot oil treatments too.

Get your Spring/Summer color on chicks! Thanks for reading:)

The Rapunzel Trend

Long hair is back with a vengeance! Mohawk haircuts are out and “Cher Hair” is in. There’s been a revival … 60’s- 70’s long sleek hair is trending. Chicks are ditching their short hair for super long length. Here are a few examples on how to wear this trend.

Middle Ground

via juicy magazine

 I know what you’re thinking … this style isn’t new. But recently chicks have been spotted rocking middle (center) parts with long straight to slight wave textured  hair. This look is blunt and there’s little to no curl. Achieve this look by simply adding long hair extensions.

Tip: Buy quality hair to prevent hair tangling and shedding.

Bangin Beauty


Transform this trend by adding sexy bangs.

Tip: Do not cut bangs too short…just above the eye is perfect.

Tall Tale

via essence

photo credit Stephen Lovekin

Chicks love a good ponytail. Try this easy and fun style at your next event and watch heads turn!  Take this look to the next level by crimping and combing out your ponytail for a trendy textured look.

Tip: When wearing hair pulled back … your face should be flawless. Don’t forget to play up your makeup and wear fabulous earrings too.

What do you think of this trend? Thanks for reading:)