2015 Summer Hair Trends

brn short I’m back with more trends, tips, and tutorials! I’ve compiled a great list of styles that are trending right now! It’s all about short cuts, sassy color and fierce texture for the 2013 spring /summer season. If you can’t commit to a cut or color try a fabulous wig … or weave it up. Enjoy!


The Pixie


The Short Bob

wet bob

The Textured Bob

shaggy blk white

1920’s Inspired Hair Tutorial

I absolutely love, love, love 1920’s style. It’s my favorite era in terms of  hair styling and fashion. Inspired by the 1920’s, I created this fun 1920’s flapper  tutorial  for Halloween. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an inexpensive flapper headband and soft wavy faux bob. Chicks …  challenge yourself this Halloween and have fun:) Enjoy!
Flapper Headband
 Here’s what you’ll need!

1. Feather

2. Black elastic headband

3. Brooch Pin

Step #1

 Take your brooch and  pin the feather to the elastic headband. You may have a few of these items at home already (the pin I used is from a necklace I bought last year).


Faux Bob

Here’s what you’ll need!



3.Small barrel curling iron (3/4″)

4.Rattail comb

5.Pin curl clips

6.Bobby pins

7.Hair clip

Steps 1-4


*** I straightened my natural hair with a flatiron for this look ( but you can also roller set your hair)

*** Short hair chicks skip steps 2-4

1.Create a side part

2. Part hair from ear to ear and clip away top half.

3. Twist hair around your finger to create a pin curl. Place pin curl close to your scalp and secure with bobby pins (if  pin curls are too difficult braid up back section and pin).

4. Create 3 to 4 pin curls in back section

Steps 5-8


 5.  Start at the top and part out a small section of hair (about the width of your finger).

6.Use a small barrel curling iron and curl hair forward.

7.Direct the hair forward and pin with a pin curl clip (pin curls should be about the size of a nickel)

8.Proceed to bottom side section and curl in opposite direction. Pin hair going back away from face.

Steps 9-12


9. Proceed to remaining sections and repeat the same process

10. After it’s all pinned … spray it up with hairspray! Let pin curls set while you start your makeup.

11. Remove pin curl clips (do not remove the 3-4 pin curls that you bobby pinned earlier)

12. Softly brush out each section

Steps 13-16


13. Try and create a “C” formation at the top using your finger to help mold hair in place.

14.Use a pin curl clip to help hold your “C” formation in place. Take your comb and tease the ends in an upward direction to create fullness.

15. Tuck ends under and secure with bobby pins.

16.Proceed to opposite side and repeat the same process. Use your rattail comb to help create an “S” formation. 

Steps 17 & 18


17. Tease, tuck and pin

18. Spray, spray, spray, and spray some more!  Add your fabulous flapper headband to complete your look.

Whew … done! It should look something like this when you finish. 

 Chicks  … have a safe and fun Halloween! Thanks for reading!


The Comeback Of Throwbacks

via Royston Blythe

Have you heard the term nothing is orginal anymore? Well, that goes for hairstyles and fashion too. To make old things new again we must reinvent them … right?  Here are a few iconic hairstyles from ‘back in the day’ that were super hot then and now. Enjoy!



The Flattop/Crew Cut



via Hype Coiffure

Reinvent It!

Hippie Hair



Reinvent It!

The Afro




via Sanrizz

Reinvent It!

Easy 5 Step Milkmaid Braid

 Braids continue to be a summer favorite. The side braid and fishtail braid were super trendy last summer and the milkmaid braid is hot this summer. I love this braid because it’s really easy to do and you can dress it up or down. Check out my easy 5 step tutorial below. Enjoy!    


Here’s what you’ll need!

1. Rat-tail Comb

2. Synthetic Hair (or human hair extensions)

3. Bobby Pins

4.  Hair Ties

Step #1

 Part hair into two sections.

Step #2

 *Chicks with long thick hair … skip this step and go to step #4*

If your hair is short or thin … you’ll need to add synthetic or human hair to your ponytail. When you have the desired amount of hair … separate your ponytail hair in half and pin the extension hair just above your ear.

Step #3

 Once the extension is secure, use a hair tie to secure the ponytail in place.

Step #4

 Braid the ponytail down and secure the end with a hair tie or rubber band. Repeat the process on the other side.

Step #5

 Bring one braid across your head and pin in place. Bring the second braid across and pin in place. Continue to pin braids down until it feels secure.


  It should look something like this when you finish. Chicks … with these 5 easy steps you can turn a bad hair day into a super cute summer hairstyle. Thanks for reading:)


Fab Summer Hair Accessories

Summer’s almost here and finding the perfect summer hairstyle can be challenging. Whether you’re headed to the beach or an outdoor event, your hair should always look neat and stylish. Update your look this summer with a few of these trendy hair accessories.





Turban Headband

via Luca Show


Hippie Headband 


 Thanks for reading!




DIY Twist Out

It’s all about being a naturalista these days. Chicks are putting away their flat irons and are rocking fabulous textured hairstyles. Below is a DIY twist out tutorial. It’s super easy and this technique can be used on all hair textures. Enjoy!    


Here’s what you’ll need!

1.  Hair Foam

2. Hair Clips

3. Rat tail Comb

Step #1

Shampoo and condition hair. Apply hair foam (or whatever styling product you prefer). Part hair into two sections. Use hair clips to hold hair in place.

Step #2

  Start in the back … create a two-strand twist. Twist hair down close to the scalp. You can also achieve this style by braiding your hair into cornrows.

Step #3

 Make sure that your twist is secure. Proceed to the next section.

Step #4

Continue to the top section.

Step #5

 When you finish … it should look something like this. Dry hair for 45 minutes under the hair dryer or air dry overnight. Separate each section and fluff to create fullness.


Done! Try this style when you’re between hair appointments. If your hair texture is really fine (like mine) you may have to re twist your hair at night to maintain this style.

Thanks for reading:)

Live In Color!

Hey chicks … it’s time to lighten up!  I love the Spring/Summer season because it’s time to be bold with hair color and style! Chicks try hues that complement your skin tone and hairstyles that complement your features. Here are a few chicks with hot summer hair color. Enjoy:)

Blonde Bombshell

via Angeles Hairdressing

via Hype Coiffure

Tip: When going blonde keep in mind that you’re removing  pigment from the hair. Your hair may become very dry and brittle over time. Use reconstructive conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments or a hair mask to help protect your hair from breakage. 

Double Trouble

via Francesco Group

Tip: Try adding  two or more colors for a very special custom color.

Cinnamon & Spice


Textured hair is really trendy right now!  Sporting a light brown or blonde hair color,  is an awesome way to take your textured hairstyle to the next level!

Tip: When caring for color treated natural hair, use sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate free shampoo is gentle and it won’t strip away your new hair color or dry it out. Use products that help to maintain moisture and shine. Don’t forget to do regular hot oil treatments too.

Get your Spring/Summer color on chicks! Thanks for reading:)